These downloads are of various applications and libraries. All these libraries are released under the GPL  version 2.0 or later open source license. Use Doxygen to get documentation:

C-Virtual Machine. This is a toolchain and C byte code interpreter derived from lcc. The interpreter run on Microchip DSPs.
HttpServer - Qt and Qxt derived library that impliments an HTTP server with XMLRPC. Includes client interfaces too.
MrlHardware - Qt based library for serial and modbus. Includes generic packet driver classes
Utility - Qt and Qxt based set of utilities for XML streaming, tracing and statistics
QtSsrcSpread - Qt based interface to Spread and SsrcSpread (networked messaging)
Example image processing routine to get particle size, Vmd and circularity from microscope slides.
Example code generator for a clipped auto-correlator. The generated code can run on a Microchip DSP. 256 channels with a 1us sample time is possible.

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