Licence Number: ANB40
+44 [0] 1531 670677


What do your charges include?

Can you collect and return my cat to save me traveling?

Yes. We charge £1 per mile each way.

I have two cats. Will it be OK for them to share?

Usually two cats from the same household can be boarded together with no problem. It is possible that cats that can keep themselves apart in a home will not settle in a pen together. Although unlikely to fight, they may spend the whole of the stay in a state of standoff, sitting staring at each other. If your cats have not stayed in a cattery before, we will have to keep a check to ensure they are not distressed. If necessary they can be put into separate pens.

What should I bring with me when checking in?

If my pet becomes unwell what will you do?

The well being of our guests is paramount. We are required by law not to allow an animal to suffer by act or omission. We take this obligation very seriously. On the first sign of illness we will try and contact your specified vet for advice. If possible we will deliver your cat to your vet for treatment or take it to our own vet.  Where possible we will get clearance from you before any costly treatment. At all times we will act according to the vet’s advice. Vet fees are the responsibility of the cat’s owner.