Licence Number: ANB40
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Terms and Conditions

Definitions: Woodlands Country Cat Hotel ‘Woodlands’, ‘Us’, ‘We’

Vaccinations and Healthcare

 All cats must have current vaccinations for Feline Infectious Enteritis and Cat Flu.

All cats should have been recently wormed and up to date with flea treatment; preferrably treated more than five days before admission. Any cats found to have fleas or worms will be treated by us, at the owner’s expense.

No cats suffering from, or suspected to be suffering from, any infectious disease can be accepted.

Woodlands reserves the right to refuse the admission of any cat showing signs of ill health. Veterinary assistance will be sought if deemed necessary and any treatment will be carried out if advised. The owners will be liable for any fees.

All male cats over the age of six months, must be neutered to stay at Woodlands.

Cats must be brought to the cattery in a suitable cat carrier securely fastened. The carrier should normally be left at Woodlands. Woodlands does not accept risk for a pet until it is in its chalet.

All collars will be removed as these can pose a hazard. Collars will be returned to the owner when they collect their cat.

Deposit and Payment

The minimum charge is for 2 days. Should you decide to collect your cat prior to the agreed collection date, there may be no refund.

Payment is due on collection. We accept cash, cheque and card.

Non Collection

In the event of a cat not being collected within 7 days of the booked departure date and in the absence of contact with the owners, Woodlands reserves the right to re-home the cat.

Limits of Liability

The limit of our liability is no more than the fee paid. We are not liable for consequential loss.

General Data Protection Regulation

If you have any questions concerning GDPR please contact us.